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Artio: A Trek Way Goddess Story Narrative

A Level 1 Final Project for the Sisters of the Rising Moon School



Level 1 Initiate and Member of the Order of the White Moon

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Artio. Picture taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I am a Narrative Story Listener. It is a path of Heart Listening. In this Level One Project I choose to explore the narrative told by the Muri bronze of Artio pictured above. Why? In todays changing world shamanic narrative is an emerging and growing literature. The time is thus right to explore the Artio narrative preserved by artisans of old. 


Thesis: The bronze shown here narrates the re-telling of a shamanic treckway event. On closer examination, the event is one of wisdom seeking. The bear is a wise friend, a protective friend. The female figure may be a wise woman or a shaman initiate. The event itself is grounded by the fruit offering. It is an event of “Embrace and Receive”.


The Evidence: The flat surface of the bronze is like a trek way. The bear is situated near an image of a woods out of which she has run. She is answering a call, not from the woman who sits passively, but from the other figure in the background. The figure is possibly a Spirit Caller of the Celtoi tribe from which this bronze emerges. The female figure is the destination for the story being shared.


The Bear: The bear is made to bring our full attention to what is unfolding. Her body is sleek in its line and draws the viewer toward the female figure. Her open mouth suggests a sharing of wisdom. Her eyes are in alignment with the eyes of the female figure. There is a sense of the bear following the line of the arm of the background figure to ‘trek toward’ and ‘speak’ to the female figure. Her head position shows her eyes are on an equal line with the eyes of the female figure. In shamanic trek way practice the bear is waiting to be embraced. She is a ‘hairs breath’, if you will from the female figure awaiting acknowledgement. The female figure is in a neutral state except for the fruit basket on her lap and her right foot forward. The later may indicate a symbolic step toward the bear. The female figure is like a Sitting Woman spirit keeper; another story this bronze does not narrate clearly and should not be imagined as a possibility.   


The Fruit Basket. The story here is complicated. It may simply be a gift for Bear Spirit. It may be an indication of another practice hidden beneath the obvious. It may represent a practice of “Give and Receive”. It is hard to know without further research into this ancient culture and its spirit practice ways.


The Narrative: The bronze itself was made as a memory piece during a time of tribal crisis. It was made about a time when the Romans were overtaking the land of the Celtoi. The actual knowing of why the bronze was commissioned is lost to the mists of time. I say commissioned as this level of artisan skill suggests the important of the event to be told. It is the retelling of an ancient way practice event that needed honouring.


Honouring the Maker


I bow in deep respect for the artisan who cast the bronze. An example of the quality and workmanship in times of old.


Honouring the Story


Listen without judgement. If judgement pops into your mind - release it. Listen to hear the story as the culture it was made in might have known it as an oral society. Stay out of the garden of imagination.


Background Information

The origins of the Artio bronze is vague. She is of a Gaelic tradition but Roman made. It is said the bronze is tied to the area of what is now western Switzerland. At the time of this “Quiet Story” memory piece it was a Gaelic Celtic stronghold.

The bronze itself tells of re-purposing. At the time of their discovery, the individual elements of the group – pedestal, bear, woman, tree and basket – were separated from each other, making their configuration a matter of conjecture. There ‘putting back together’ has made a new story.

What the ‘new story’ offers is an opportunity to look into the past through the lens of the present. To know that the bronze has been re-assembled more than once tells of decisions made to include and exclude elements that are no longer available.

As the internet discussion advises, a throne is missing as are what would account for a bear cult practice. The curators tell of a Goddess and a Bear who hold the same name. A name that is simply a word from Celtic and Greek languages. It is not known who re-purposed the bronze or the place where the true story of its meaning and understanding can be found. 

From a Goddess perspective, Artio is bound to agriculture. The fruit basked and the grains tell of what was important to the lives of people in the area. From a Bear perspective, little can be said … except bears love fruit.

The Ritual

I hold a fruit basket to the wind and bow in deep respect.

I honour the bronze as a story re-cast to draw our attention to ancestral ways.

I whisper into the wind, Bear Mother accept my apologies for any errors in judgement.

I acknowledge the importance of being aware and to beware that ancient ways are reconstructions of ways and purposes not known to us today.

May the sacred peace of the “Quiet Story” be heard into the future.

Original Art

A Rune Woman’s Story Way

The wind blows a story of bear and woman into hearing. It is of a far off place no longer known to us. Like a cat coming to the call of milk, the bear comes running when a call goes out for wisdom and protection. The woman, a child of the Bear Clan, first offers Bear Mother fruit and then blesses her with a kiss on the nose. The Bear is startled. There was no pit or giant metal trap on the path to be cautious of. Such love has never been shown to her before. The love between animals has grown one giant step.

Words of Wisdom


If you ever happen to meet up with a bear in the wilds don't wait to look into their eyes. It's not the same experience. The risk of harm to you is real.


Closing Blessing


May those who read this work enjoy it.

May all be blessed by following the guidance of Goddess.

May the Wind always blow in your journey's favour.


Final Words


I guard this work with praise of Divine goodness for me personally;


Bless the LORD, my soul;

All my being, bless his holy name!

                                                                                     Psalm 103:1. ESV Bible





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