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Weekly Tarot Zodiac

January 8th through January 14th, 2018

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This reading was done by HP Ajna DreamsAwake using the Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom oracle cards by Dr. Christiane Northrup.


Wild Card of the Week: Influences All Signs

Complete and Move On ‐ Self‐Expression

Look back on the different ways you have expressed yourself over the years. Although your self‐expression has changed and evolved, just as you have, your essence remains a constant. Remember fondly the woman you were, celebrate the woman you are today, and set the intention for the woman you want to be in the future. Self‐expression is uniquely your own, self‐assured, self‐confident and never, never boring.


Aries: March 21 - April 19

Regroup ‐ Fertility and Creativity

Sometimes we must accept that something just isn't meant to be. If we've done everything we could to make it work, and still see no results, we need to ask ourselves some hard questions. It may be that while we are focusing our precious energy on one project, several others are withering away. If obstacles keep rising up, it may be the Universe sending you a message to let this particular project go, even if only for a little while. Set your intentions, and your energy, elsewhere and things will start to flow smoothly once again.


Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Channel Clearly ‐ Partnership

There is much that we can accomplish on our own, but when we seek out other people, with intention, we can do great things. When we work together, for the good of all concerned, our power grows exponentially. When we set our own ego aside, when we approach others with an open heart, miracles can be accomplished. Seek out those individuals who will bring out the best in you, and do the same for them.


Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Flexibility Within Structure ‐ Nurturance/Self‐Care

Scheduling time each week to tend to our precious self‐care is essential. But, at times, it may be necessary to create spontaneous "me time". Give yourself permission to cancel planned activities in order to take care of yourself. This will prevent burnout or resentment. Once you feel sufficiently re‐energized, you have the option of rescheduling those missed plans or arranging an alternate activity.


Cancer: June 21 - July 22

Channel Clearly ‐ Self‐Expression

No person can live another's life for them. Seek out ways to express your unique and beautiful self, do things that ignite your passion. Live life for you and the Universe will conspire to support you. Stop trying to please others by hiding your light. Speak up and share the most intimate parts of your Divine essence.


Leo: July 23 - August 22

Prepare ‐ Partnership

The people in our lives are a reflection of what we believe about ourselves. If we approach new relationships with the intention to fill a perceived void within us, we are doomed to be disappointed. Look to your past relationships, notice recurring patterns, and, if necessary, end the cycle. Know that we are whole, there is no need to look outside of ourselves for someone to "complete us".


Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Prepare ‐ Self‐Expression

Take a good long look around you, your home, your clothes, your creative endeavours. Do they reflect the person you are, or are they the fulfillment of someone else's expectations? If your environment doesn't resonate with you, make some changes. You will find greater joy within when the way you live ignites your passion.


Libra: September 23 - October 22

Prepare ‐ Enlightened Heart and Mind

You are being guided to learn something new. Perhaps it is a new field of study, or revisiting familiar material from a new and different perspective. Regardless, start with the basics and lay a strong foundation for your learning. Approach any new study with an open mind, and an open heart.


Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Imagine/Allow ‐ Enlightened Heart and Mind

There is more to knowledge than simply reading books or attending lectures. Bring your passion into the mix, research topics that fascinate you, make your education experiential. The seeker in you sees the world around her with the awe of a child, always asking why. Your unquenchable thirst for knowledge will guide you to greater wonders.


Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

Hierarchy vs Partnership ‐ Nurturance/Self‐Care

Caring for others can be nurturing for the self. But keep in mind that putting others ahead of yourself, is not about ego gratification, nor does it fill a void. If you do not feel worthy enough to engage in self‐care, you will never find that worth by doing good for others, no matter how much you try to help. Nurturing goes both ways, give unto others, but always, always ensure you include yourself in those acts of love.


Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

Perfection vs Imperfection ‐ Fertility and Creativity

Let go of the need to control everything. Perfection is merely an illusion, it is not something tangible we can grasp. We are not meant to hold on to it, and attempting to do so can only lead to unnecessary stress. Life is meant to be ever‐changing and evolving, so allow the mistakes to happen, and then move on.


Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Imagine/Allow ‐ Nurturance/Self‐Care

Imagine what it would be like to put yourself at the very top of your priority list. Imagine what it would feel like to be completely and utterly nourished, nurtured and loved. This is not some unrealistic dream, it can happen. But it is up to you to take the steps necessary to ensure that it happens. Imagine the deepest act of love that you can do for yourself, then go ahead and do it. You are worthy of all the best that you yourself have to offer.


Pisces: February 19 - March 20

Active vs Passive ‐ Nurturance/Self‐Care

In order to care for yourself, you will have to know what it is that you actually need. And, if you aren't able to receive this nurturing from others, are you willing to gift it to yourself? There is nothing wrong in asking for help, but if the answer is no, accept it. And then look within. Are you willing to do what it takes to ensure that your needs are met?