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Weekly Tarot Zodiac

March 20th through March 26th, 2017

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This reading was prepared by Crystal Spiritweaver, a student of The Sacred Three Goddess School, using "The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination" by Ed Buryn. The Suits of Painting, Science, Music, and Poetry correspond to traditional Tarot's Suits of Pentacles, Swords, Cups, and Wands respectively.


Wild Card of the Week: Influences All Signs

1 of Poetry


Be open to the kiss of inspiration this week! This card brings creative energy into your life, with love and passion. Accept its touch, and you will feel guided by an intimate, inner companion throughout the week.


Aries: March 21 - April 19

4 of Poetry


This is a marriage card, a card of celebration and thanksgiving. It represents the state of any union where beauty and wisdom, innocence and experience, and male and female stand together in true, unpretentious harmony. This card may suggest spending some time set apart for a holy day (holiday), in which you recognize, formally and in sacred space, the abundance in your life. Things are right at this time, and we give thanks for this harmonious union.


Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Ace of Painting


This card depicts the "daughter of man" who is impregnated by her own inner vision (the angels) to generate humanity in all its forms. It is a beautiful card of creativity, new beginnings, birth, and self‐awareness ‐‐ the awareness that we create our reality. It is a reminder that we direct our own flow of creativity and energy. Direct your vast creative energy wisely this week, so that you generate positivity for yourself and others.


Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Man of Music

Hear the voice of the bard!
Who present, past, & future sees
Whose ears have heard,
The holy word,
That walk'd among the ancient trees.
‐William Blake, "Songs of Experience"

A Bard is a Celtic minstrel, a herald, a counselor, and a visionary. He is a wise one, a wizard with great emotional control. Yet he is not quiet; he sings heroic odes and celebrates in song. He is the spokesman for the soul; so let him speak through you this week. The Man of Music is the part of yourself that interprets and expresses the soul, as well as your perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts. Use it wisely, and you will be a Bardic herald in your own unique way.


Cancer: June 21 - July 22

6 of Painting


This card depicts the scene in John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" in which Christian is pulled from the Slough of Despond by Help. Christian's burdens are so heavy that he can't pull himself up. You will receive material benefits from others this week. Accept their assistance graciously and gratefully, because you could not continue on your upward path without it.


Leo: July 23 - August 22

Angel of Music

This angel is a seraph, radiant one, named Fame. Milton said Fame has 2 mouths and descends instead of rises. This angel, with 2 trumpets, is associated with the New and Full Moons, as well as emotions. This angel signifies the part of yourself that channels love for spiritual awareness and growth. Open‐hearted and optimistic, you are able to see the good in others while not letting their faults affect you. Remember to be aware of this aspect of yourself in your communications with others this week. Speak with compassion, listen with empathy, and you will grow as you help others do the same.


Virgo: August 23 - September 22

3 of Science


"Three's a crowd" is a great description of this card. The family members depicted here (man, woman, and child) are bound by the mental imprisonment of jealousy. What should be a loving family is shattered by the man's jealousy of the child clinging to its mother. The man is in chains, literally and figuratively, because his mind is enslaved by his own jealousy and sense that the child is taking his sexual right ‐ the woman. You may be imprisoned by something, even without realizing it. Ask for inner guidance to release the bonds of jealousy or entitlement in your life, so you can open to love for yourself and those around you.


Libra: September 23 - October 22

4 of Painting


A "person of means" has familial, cultural, and material wealth, like the image depicted on this card. It's about having the means to feel secure where you are, and the resources to manifest the vision you hold inside. Reach into the spiritual realm for energy, strength, and courage, but remember the physical implements, practices, and skills needed to manifest. Don't become complacent. Your power is increasing. Recognize your current wealth in all its forms, and let it work for you this week.


Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

2 of Science


This card represents reflecting on your next move. The growling dog depicted here fears opportunity, while the child wonders what's behind the opening door. Light and shadow, trepidation and hope are equal possibilities. What are you reflecting on right now? Do you identify more with the fearful dog or the wondering child? You have two choices ‐ to choose, or not to choose. The door may open onto a great opportunity, or it may represent something you should avoid. Your inner guidance will tell you which it is this week, if you take time for reflection of your own.


Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21


In traditional Tarot this is the Magician. It is the first manifest state, where the soul discovers and learns to channel its energies into earthly form. The soul is transformed here, and gains great power. Many seekers stop here, but it is important to expand to greater awareness. This week your magical abilities may be tested ‐ your imagination, concentration, will power, ability to be in control, etc, may be called into service. Don't give up; keep going until your magic is fully formed and manifest in your world and the world around you.


Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

Child of Science

Put pen to paper and make a plan this week. Don't worry about all the details; they will be filled in later in the process. Now you are just beginning to create something, to put ideas into coherent, logical form. Let your mind play, as a child does, to create a structure to present ideas, finish a project, or move forward in some way. Science is order. It doesn't have to be frightening or difficult. Take one step at a time, and help your goals materialize.


Aquarius: January 20 - February 18


This card corresponds to the lovers in traditional Tarot. It depicts the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind, or masculine, feminine, and divine states. This week you can choose to listen to divine guidance, or disregard it, as the mind often does. You have a choice and a responsibility to and for that choice. It may not be easy, but choose your best this week.


Pisces: February 19 - March 20

Ace of Music


This card represents genius being carried by inspiration. Lifeforce, innocence, purity, grace, and fertility are depicted in this card of openness. Open yourself to all channels this week ‐ psychic, spiritual, conscious, and unconscious, and be aware of your infinite potential.