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Weekly Tarot Zodiac

May 8th through May 14th, 2017

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This reading was done by HP Ajna DreamsAwake using the Triple Goddess Tarot by Isha Lerner, illustrated by Mara Friedman.


Wild Card of the Week: Influences All Signs

Kundalini Rising

All pretense, defense strategies and denials ot your true self are falling away. Powerful events may be occurring to shake up your foundations. This seeming crisis will force you to look honestly at yourself and your actions. You may even begin to question your beliefs. But despite the discomfort, know this, the shattering will unleash the raw energy within you and this will ignite the spark of your own transcendence. This potential has always been within you and now is the time to show your true self to the world.


Aries: March 21 - April 19


You rise from the waters, purified and cleansed. You are now prepared to accept the next level of your spiritual path. Your radiant being is a pure reflection of the Divine Goddess. You are being called now, to share that radiance through your Goddess‐given gifts. As you step upon the Path of Service, all that you do is in service to Her. Think about how you can contribute your talents for the betterment of all.


Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Infinite Potential

You carry within you the womb of infinite possibilities. Being still and present provides you with opportunities to tap into this inner realm. As an empath, your sensitivities, along with your compassionate mind, and your wisdom, allow you to create whatever is required in order to flow through situations. You hold within your womb, the Void; and within this Void anything can happen. What magick will you birth into the world?


Gemini: May 21 - June 20


You find your center at the core of your existence. Time spent in solitude will help you to shed light on those areas requiring reflection. With contemplation, you are able to bring the unconscious to the surface and from this place, healing can begin. Without the dark, we could not see the beauty of the stars, and without death, there can be no rebirth. Retreat from the busy world and reconnect with that most ancient power which resides within you.


Cancer: June 21 - July 22

The Journey Home

Each moment provides new opportunities that may change your life forever. The strength of our inner world is what infuses our actions in the outer world. You have become aware of your own unique gifts and are now ready to find your way home. That is, to live authentically in the mundane world, to walk your talk. You may experience some anxiety as you spread your wings, but the freedom to be yourself will be well worth the risk. Fly home dear one!


Leo: July 23 - August 22

Root Chakra

This week, take time to get grounded. Dig in the soil, walk bare foot, or lie on your belly, womb‐to‐womb with mother Earth. When you feel this deeply rooted connection, you can draw up energy and strength. Visualize roots emerging from your first chakra, snaking down, down, down to the deepest and darkest places. For it is here that you will find the nourishment you require in order to grow.


Virgo: August 23 - September 22


You are creating the life you are meant to be living. In letting go of the old judgments and beliefs which no longer serve, you have freed up space to bring into being only that which serves your highest good. There may be grieving for the loss, let the tears flow, for they are a form of purification. As you step into your new life, know this: all of creation benefits, and this truly is one of the greatest forms of alchemy.


Libra: September 23 - October 22

Open Heart

Seek not for love outside of yourself for you will not find it and be forever disappointed. Instead, seek within for you hold within you the essence of divine love. All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals, and the greatest of these is self‐love. Open your Heart Chakra and fully embrace the Goddess you are. Each day, open your arms in order to accept your own loving embrace.


Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Awakened Aphrodite

Freed from the constraints of the limited mind, your step boldly out into the world. You are aligned with all that is, yet remain whole and complete unto yourself. You are the Maiden, experiencing everything with a sense of wonder and awe. You are doing the Great Work, returning the Divine Feminine to Her proper place in the world. In so doing, you lift the secrecy, just as you unveil yourself as the Goddess incarnate.


Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21


We meet transformational experiences every day, although most may go unnoticed, whether unintentionally or through willful denial. Without the grief of transition, there can be no joy of rebirth. What is it that you need to let go of this week in order to move forward. Relish the experience, embrace it, then, release it in gratitude. Creating a ritual to assist you in flowing freely through this symbolic death may be beneficial.


Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

Heart Chakra

The Path of the Heart is a devotional journey, one few people are willing to make. An empath cannot help but feel the pain, the loneliness or the fear of a heart closed off from itself. Layers of scar tissue may surround the wounded heart, preventing one's heart light from emerging. Stretch your arms wide, breathe deeply, and allow the scars to split open. Let your radiance shine through.


Aquarius: January 20 - February 18


We focus too much on bodily strength as a measure of worth. But the greater strength is that which is hidden within, unique to each individual. You are being called to step into your strength and bring it forward into the world. What does your super power look like? How does it manifest? Harness the power within you and work with it to make the world a better place for all.


Pisces: February 19 - March 20

Infinite Truth

Not only do you speak your truth, you live it. Everything that you say, every thing that you do, it all comes from a place of authenticity. Your wisdom does not reside solely in the mind, it comes from much deeper places, the womb and the heart. Womb wisdom, passed down from the ancestors, and Heart wisdom, all that compassion and kindness have to offer. This is your truth, and you carry it proudly.