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The following are Members of The Order of The White Moon who have chosen to be publicly listed. Feel free to contact anyone listed here. Most of our members provide counselling, healing, and/or prayer. Some offer spiritual products (such as handcrafted runes or wands), others are available to teach. All members are Initiates, some are Adepts, Priestesses, or High Priestesses. High Priestesses are empowered to pass on White Moon teachings, but others may pass on teachings learned elsewhere.



United Kingdom


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As't Nebthet (Frances) darkmoon@ace.net.au
Having studied Wytchcraft, metaphysics and Goddess lore for over 20 years, when I decided to undertake some formal training to deepen my knowledge of the Goddess, I chose the Order of the White Moon and in 2007 commenced my study with the Scared Three Goddess School under the tutelage of Kerritwyn. I reside in Adelaide, South Australia, where I run a progressive Alexandrian-based coven, the Temple of the Dark Moon (http://www.templedarkmoon.com) and The Goddess House, which is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the Goddess with the wider community. As a Wiccan HPs and priestess of the Goddess I am available to conduct Handfastings, Wiccanings (baby blessings) as well as other rites of passage in token. When I am not involved in coven work, I write, and am endeavouring to have my first book published in 2009. I also enjoy painting and learning how to garden in the Australian climate.

Melita Moon pyramidoflightmysteryschool@gmail.com
High Priestess
It is a great honour to share my greatest passions, honouring Goddess and the wisdom of the Ancients. My goal is to assist with our remembrance and to empower.
I believe in and explore in great depth, our ability to heal ourselves through our connection with our Great Mother Earth. Not only from the abundant riches She provides us with but also through working with energy. I work towards truly learning to master it.
Further to that, I truly enjoy to work with and discover the mind. It amazing how we can become so limited by our own perceptions. When we are able to overcome these limitations we can truly reach a very Divine and spiritual place, and know no bounds.
Ordained High Priestess of Order of the White Moon in which I have studied, and am now sharing the White Moon Teachings with great honour.
A professional psychotherapist specialising in hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation and NLP. A Registered Master‐Teacher of Ashati, whereby sharing the energetic activations and teachings of a deep and profound alchemical system.
A mystic, Wiccan, channel, intuitive and healer. I grew up in Sydney, Australia and now live in sunny Adelaide. Available to folks of all ages far and wide. May I be of service.

And so it is.


Ajna DreamsAwake info@darkmoonsheart.ca
High Priestess
Current President of the Board of Directors and Spiritual Head of the Order
I am an Eclectic Pagan, a Seeker of Mysteries, a Dancer, a Writer, a Lover of Nature. I live in the Kootenays in South-Eastern British Columbia. I believe we are all Daughters of the Divine Mother and we heal collectively as we share our stories. My personal journey of self-discovery continues as I support and guide other women along their own healing paths.

Cherdwyn cherdwyn@yahoo.com
I love energy and seek to understand it and work with it on a continual basis. I believe deeply that what we project into this world shapes who we are and creates our reality. I was brought up Catholic and loved Mass and still do enjoy a place of worship in any faith. I strongly believe that whatever leads you to know yourself, strive to evolve spiritually and become connected to a higher power is all good regardless of the faith one chooses as the vehicle to enlightenment. I started practicing Wicca just over 3 years ago and have studied various forms. Today I believe to be sprinkled with fairy dust in Celtic Shamanism. Finding The Order Of The White Moon has allowed me to take all my faiths and practices and work with Divine Energy through a loving Goddess. My goal is to continue to evolve and grow and to be of service however the Goddess leads me to be.

Morgan Le Fae
I am a Reiki practitioner, a certified herb and aromatherapy practitioner, and, along with my business partner (my mom) make natural organic body care products. I also perform tuning fork treatments, raindrop therapy and crystal healing. I was consciously awakened about 5 years ago and have been finding my path ever since. I went to Catholic School as a young child even though my parents aren't religious, and it really was a blessing in disguise because a lot of what was taught was very contradictory unto itself. It pushed me to find what made sense to me. It lead me to Glastonbury, England, and it lead me to the Goddess! That lead me to this Order. My path has really opened my eyes to lots of learning, education and experiences. I know I am on my right path and nothing feels better!

Aurora Silverspiritus Amadahy woodlandwaters@yahoo.com
My spiritual practice tends to be solitary. I have branched out in connecting with other Sisters through the Red Tent and Global Sisterhood and now as a member of The Order Of The White Moon. I live in Canada. I am blessed, by Mother Earth to have the Plains, the Majestic Mountains and the Boreal Forest.

United Kingdom

Heathwitch hello@heathwitch.com
High Priestess
Heathwitch (Derbyshire, UK) is a Witch and author. She currently practices a blend of land‐based Witchcraft, ancestral magic, and devotion to the Divine. An advocate of continued self‐improvement and development, she believes that magic is just one path of many that can enable us to learn and grow. She welcomes enquiries from genuine seekers.



Saradwyn Saradwyn@hotmail.com
Initiate and Charter Member
The Order of the White Moon taught me to have faith and honor the Divine as Woman, as I am. I found confidence and a community of openness and acceptance. I am a Catholic Christian, but that is not all that I am. I know that 'the Church' would declare me a heretic, a pagan, and could officially kick me out for my views, my activities and the beliefs that I now act on. Yet I still participate in the Church because it is a place of holiness where those who have touched the awe and majesty to the Divine find rest and come together. I came to the school suffering from having my activities and mindset tied to patriarchal forms in my work, culture, and social life. In my path in this life, I suffer from PTSD, being fat, and knowing that I relate more fully to the Goddess, than the God. Being a part of the Order of the White Moon means that I accept my path, that being fat does not mean being less divine, but perhaps more so, that the Goddess is wonderful and always has been and is part of me. I was born in 1958. I became an initiate of the Order of the White Moon in the year 2000. I do not know if I will ever become a Priestess of the Order, but I am so very honored and happy to be a part of the Order as an Initiate. It has transformed my sight and thought. I am a counselor working in Alabama and walking my path. Blessings.


Burning Snow burngsno@juno.com
High Priestess and Charter Member
Burning Snow is an teacher, earth-healer, and animal activist who lives in Arizona. She also offers a line of essential oils which promote wellness in body, mind and spirit. These oils are distilled from organically grown herbs and no chemicals are added. Feathered Hearts, a non-profit wild bird sanctuary for birds that can not be released back into the wild. There are a few birds that are used for educational purposes. They are Morrigan and Odin, the crows, Fae the mourning dove and Less the starling with one wing. These are gifts from Goddess: http://harmony.younglivingworld.com/.


Sleepyladybutterfly (Angela) Agoddessofgood@aol.com
I have been studying witchcraft and the goddess path for 6 years I found the order of the white moon through Granny Moons Morning Feast which I have been reading for a long time. I have been studying with the Sisters of the Burning Branch since May of 2004 and I am very glad that I have it has given me a new light on my path with the goddess. I am 22 years old a single mother to my 4 year old son Jesse and reside in Bakersfield, California I am also working on my bachelors degree in business management. After losing both of my parents in the last 2 years the goddess have given me the strength when i felt the weakest to pick myself back up and move on I love all of my sisters and teachers and cant thank them enough for there support and love through my rough times. There is a goddess in all of us may you be blessed with her as I have been. Many Blessings )o(SleepyLadyButterfly)o(


Andromeda (Sarah) frogmagic@cox.net
The path of the Goddess has been one I have followed for over 14 years now. When I began the search for formal training I came across The Order of the White Moon. I have been with the School for just over a year now. Finding the School has been the best thing for me. I have begun to connect with who I am and get to know myself on levels I never thought possible. I am a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner and my website can be found here. www.MotherEarthHealing.org. On my site, I offer Reiki Healings, Tarot Readings and I hold Circles and discussion groups twice a month. I am currently located in Terryville.


Gwenhwyfar willowswan@earthlink.net
I have been a student here in the Order of the White Moon since October of 2002, and have currently earned the rank of Adept. I also hold a Master's Degree in English Literature. I was drawn to the Goddess 10 years ago and now consider myself an eclectic witch following the path of the Divine feminine. I believe there are many paths to the Divine and each individual is free to find his or her own path. I feel that finding my path through the Divine Feminine has enriched my life and has awakened my true voice. My personal goals are to enhance my knowledge in herbcraft, divination, and garden witchery and to become a High Priestess in the Order of the White Moon. I live in Florida.


Juniper juniperjh@yahoo.com
Priestess and Charter Member
I consider myself to be a "feminist witch," with some strong Dianic leanings, though I'd rather call my spirituality Goddess Craft. I am a voracious reader, and now have quite the Goddess/Pagan/Wicca/Women's Studies library. I have my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, and work as a psychotherapist as well as teaching psychology and women's studies courses at the local college. I am also in several writing groups, and lead a weekly women's group of journal writers. I have kept a journal all of my life and am very passionate about journal writing! I am a strong feminist and would love to return to school and get a Ph.D. in women's psychology. I am 36 years old, married, and have three daughters under 10 years of age! I have lived in Illinois all of my life, but I would really love to be a world-traveler.


I've been a member of The Order of the White Moon since May of 2006, and am studying with Rowen at The Shining Crescent. I live in Southwestern Michigan with my husband and our two cats, and am currently working on completing my Bachelor's degree in biology. My path is eclectic, but I've always felt a great devotion towards the Goddess in all her many forms. I've learned a lot about myself since joining the school, and hope to be initiated as a priestess someday.

Rin Fairweather rfairweather@yandex.com
Greetings! 2020, the age of change, certainly changed me. This is when I completed my initiation into the Order of the White Moon through the Sisters of the Rising Moon school. High Priestess Ka Wahine Ahi was my wonderful guide. If you are thinking of joining, just do it. It's something you won't regret. Feel free to reach out for a chat if you need to. Recently, I completed level 2 with the Dark Moon's Heart school led by High Priestess Ajna DreamsAwake. This order has so many wonderful teachers. As for myself, one of my callings is to officiate weddings and rites of passage. https://rfairweather.wixsite.com/brightrites. I also dabble in wire wrapping and have spent the last year homeschooling my children. Additionally, I am a lover of anime, sci‐fi, fantasy, tea, crystals, and witchy things. Nerd Witch at your service. 😊


Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon is a Sisters of the Rising Moon graduate and OWM Priestess. She is a practicing Reiki Master and Aromatherapist.

New Hamphsire

Kerritwyn kerritwyn@yahoo.com
High Priestess
1999 Charter Member of the White Moon School, HP since 2000, and Mother HP and Teacher of The Sacred Three Goddess School and the Rainbow Moon School, both offering the OWM curriculum in the tradition of the White Moon School. I am located in rural New Hampshire, in an area known as the Upper Valley, which is west central New Hampshire, close to the Connecticut River and the Vermont border. I live on 29 acres with a stream, 7 acres cleared and the rest a woodlot up a mountain. I am surrounded by wonderful wild life. I call myself "Wiccan", but I am much more Dianic than Gardnerian, in both belief and practice. I enjoy practicing and creating complex rituals to honor Her in all Her glory, partly because of my early Irish Catholic history. My mundane work was as an attorney employed in the public sector. I am a widow, navigating the grieving process. I work continuously to live and work with honor, honesty and integrity.

New Jersey

Fae Serpent Spirit snakegoddess21@gmail.com
I have been with the Order since 2005. Because life got in the way, I hadn't been able to get my lessons done in years, so I have completely started over. My goal is to work through my lessons, become a Priestess, then a High Priestess. Specifically a Priestess of Prayer. I am a nature lover, animal lover, Reiki Master, Acupressure Practitioner, I design Crystal Healing Beaded Jewelry, I paint & sculpt as well. I am also a writer/blogger. As for my Spiritual Beliefs, I am *very* Eclectic. I enjoy working with all sorts of different Divine Energies, such as Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Jesus, Kuan Yin, The Fae, The Saints & Angels. Goddess has always been in my life. As a child I always prayed to The Blessed Mother Mary & Mother Nature. Back in 1997 I fully dedicated myself to Goddess. Since then, my world has been filled with beauty and magick. I have been through many rough experiences in this lifetime, and I can always turn to Goddess to help me persevere. My main focuses are Praying, Healing, (Specifically Crystal Healing, Working with Herbs, Reiki & Acupressure), spreading the word of Goddess, and to help women empower themselves (through my writings.)

Lilla medeas_poison@yahoo.com
I have been with the OWM since 2006. I am currently an Adept on my Level 3 to become a Priestess. I plan on "going all the way" ;) I am a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Earth Mama (!) going to college for Nutrition and continuing my education with a Masters Degree in Midwifery. I am in the process of becoming a CM (Certified Midwife) and a Doula (Birth coach). My purpose is to fully live in Goddess and what better way than to help women give birth!!! I am a musician and a fire performer in my spare time. Creating music is my expression and the closest communication I have with Goddess so I am eternally thankful to her for giving me this precious gift. I live to serve and educate women about being in touch with their inner Goddess, and above all, I live to serve Goddess!

New York

Maeve MoonBird maevemoonbird@yahoo.com
High Priestess
I have been ordained as a High Priestess of the Order of the White Moon since 2010. I am teacher at The Moonlit Path Goddess School. I am passionate about teaching women of all spiritual backgrounds to deepen their connection and understanding of the Goddess, as they journey their own unique path with Order of the White Moon Teachings.
I have been on an eclectic pagan path for 30 years. I have also studied Buddhism, Taoism, Ancestral Connection, and Celtic Shamanism.
As a visual artist, I also combine my pagan spirituality, love of nature, animals, and the Divine Feminine in my art.
I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and kitties

Astar ishtara@nyc.rr.com
I am following the path of magick and studying to be a Priestess here at the White Moon. I am also a Reiki II practitioner given my 2nd attunement by GrannyMoon! I have a Catholic background but have never felt completely comfortable or fulfilled by it. I realize now that it was due to its patriarchal and oppressive nature - to fear a distant God etc.... Christ however, has always been an important part of my life and continues to be but I yearned to explore my own femininity and everything that it encompassed. This led me here and I am very happy to be part of this group of loving, wise and powerful women. The Goddess in turn has led me to my true hearts path which is to express my creativity through painting. It is a self-healing path for me. Check out my website at www.alicesartwonderland.com. I love the little fairies and am interested in learning more about Native American Indian Folklore as well. I live in New York. May Goddess bless you all on your sacred journey.

Medusa Krakatoa
I am devoted to helping people make space in their bodies, minds and spirits so that wellness, loving‐kindness, and breath can flow in. I am a licensed massage therapist with medical massage training and a Reiki master in the Usui tradition. I am devoted to undoing Western Civilization's delegation of the body as nothing more than a container that moves the brain from place to place. The body has its own wisdom and when we allow it to whisper to us, so too the mind and the spirit can unfurl and become free.

I am fond of saying that I work in caves: as massage is performed in dimly lit spaces so is shadow puppetry. Being a shadow puppeteer for over 10 years, I create and perform puppet shows with focused light in color in very dark rooms. This activates the part of the human mind that watched artist‐shamans paint on cave walls. Storytelling is unique to human beings and it is within the folk tales of the world with their universal themes that we get scope of our depths, the Jungian heritage of all human beings that can be accessed through shamanic meditation.

I am an empath, mystic, intuitive, have read palms for over 20 years and receive wisdom and instruction from trees and plants, birds and animals. Worth noting particularly is my sacred teacher, the white pine.

I am honored to be a part of the Order of the White Moon at this auspicious time in our planet's history when the Goddess is rising again after 2000 years and her priestesses are reawakening.

North Carolina

Ocean Phoenixwave_whisper@yahoo.com
Hello, My name is Katherine though I am known as Priestess Ocean Phoenix. I am married and have three boys. I classify myself strictly as a Pagan Priestess. I studied and Became a Priestess through the Sisters of the Rising Moon with High Priestess KA WAHINE AHI AND HIGH PRIESTESS MYSTIC AMAZON. I am currently Studying Reiki with our own High Priestess Moonwater Chalcedony Ashwood. I am now a Second Degree Reiki Student now offering distant healing to any one so I can developing the art of healing. I am Learning Ocean and Sea magic and on the path of being a Sea Priestess. I love to crochet! I am now making Prayer/Meditation shawls, and working on crafts with the treasures of the Ocean. I have become a strong advocate to help support our Veterans, donate to St. Jude's hospital when possible to help with the research of childhood cancers, and supporting the awareness of the Earth's Oceans.


Literata literatahurley@gmail.com
High Priestess
Literata is a Wiccan priestess and writer. Her work has appeared in several anthologies, including Mandragora, Unto Herself, and Anointed as well as multiple periodicals. She has presented at Sacred Space conference, Fertile Ground Gathering, and local gatherings in the mid-Atlantic area. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in history with the support of her husband and four cats. Find her at Works of Literata.


Jenai May
I'm a historian who has danced alongside my Ancestors and the Goddess for 30 years, since I was a young teen. After becoming a mother in my mid‐20s, I sought further training with the first author who inspired me, Shekhinah Mountainwater. Together, we co‐wrote lessons, including the method for making Moonwheels ‐ lunisolar calendars ‐ which I continue to teach. Two weeks before Shekhinah passed away, she ordained me as high priestess (intentionally lower case) of what we called the "Shekhinah Way" and asked me to pass along her teachings. While that "way" holds a lot in common with Wicca, it is instead a different and very heart‐led path. Since then, I've published the Minoan Oracle (soon to be re‐released), taught Tarot and Crystal Healing, and led several annual noveling challenges as a "Municipal Liaison" through NaNoWriMo. While I'm already a high priestess, the unique circumstances of my ordainment left me in need of further formal training, particularly in the area of spiritual leadership. Therefore, I reached out to my dear friend, Kerritwyn, who I'd known for nearly 15 years (I joined the OWM briefly in 2007, but was too preoccupied to maintain my studies). It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Through the OWM, I've further grown and healed more than I could have anticipated or hoped for, especially during 2020! My home is in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, with a creek behind my house and a cloutie (prayer) tree in my backyard that is dedicated to the Goddess Modron. Along with offering occasional teachings, I also accept healing prayers which I tie to my cloutie tree.


Anne Morgan anyae_morganae@iamawitch.com
I honor the Goddess on a daily basis. I follow the Dianic tradition and have become involved in moderating groups and clubs online with other exceptionally talented women. I moderate two discussion lists. I have also become heavily involved in studies regarding the Avalon Tradition. So now a days I am busy combining the Dianic and Avalon traditions and that is not always an easy thing to do. Usually the I lean more closely to Avalon teaching now. While I started out reading about witches and the Craft, the path eventually led me to discovering the Goddess and Her Divine Presence in myself and in the world around me. My studies have given me so much in opening my life up. I have a flow to my life now that I was always struggling with before. I am a 62 year old book-a-holic, living in Western Pa.; married, raised six children. My job is a guitar teacher three days a week. I have three dogs and two cats that keep reminding me that I have a lot to learn.

Peace Whitehorse sheltiepoff@comcast.net
High Priestess
I am a Wiccan woman living in south central Pennsylvania with my husband and my Shetland sheepdogs. I am involved in animal rescue and help out with Sheltie rescue as often as I have the opportunity. My husband is a very open-minded, Pagan-friendly Christian.  We are both retired now and I have time to dedicate to the Goddess and my Path. I grew up as a Lutheran, and knew early on that was not for me, so I searched different churches trying to find what "fit".  Finally, two good friends of mine introduced me to Wicca and I felt as if I had "come home".  In searching for learning and growth on my new path, I found Lady Kerritwyn and the Sacred Three Goddess School.  I graduated from The Sacred Three Goddess School, completed my Level IV studies, was elevated to High Priestess and ordained in 2012.  I facilitate a small group of like-minded folk that circle in Peace Grove, a clearing in the woods on our property.  I have one son who has passed beyond the veil, and two wonderful stepchildren, a lovely young woman and a terrific young man.  Family is very important to me, including "chosen" family and my dogs who are also part of my family.  I am one of probably a very few witches that does not have a cat!   I am also a level three Reiki practitioner.

Venus Being venusbeing68@yahoo.com
I've been studying Wicca off and on since I was about 17 (I'm 30+ years now) through reading books and whatever I could get my hands on to learn. It had been off and on for years because I was still a child. I grew up under the Christian teaching and was afraid of going to hell, so I would always revert back to attending church and being a good girl so I didn't burn in hell (lol). I think it was reading Sylvia Browne's book on the Holy Mother that finally helped me to see that I could worship the Goddess as well and not fear going to hell. About a year after that I went to a psychic fair and had Reiki done. I asked the healer how I could learn to do healings also. She said there were a lot of good sites on line that taught Reiki. That is when I came across the Daughters of the Greening web site. I wanted to just do the healing studies but was moved to take the White Moon Studies instead. I honestly feel that is because I needed to learn more about the Goddess and now I know it was also to heal myself. For during my studies as an initiate I had done so much growing and I am coming into my own knowledge of having the Goddess within. I had always been everyone's doormat but with the Goddess and her teachings; I am overcoming that. As I continue my studies I am getting stronger by the day and more Goddess oriented. I'm also finding a passion and talent for writing rituals. I'm a single parent to 3 children (one teenage daughter and 2 young boys). We have a dog and 2 cats as our furry friends. I plan to continue my studies in White Moon to High Priestess and would like to be ordained as a minister.

Willow Myst willowmyst64@comcast.net
High Priestess
My quest for more information about the feminine divine lead me to The Order of the White Moon.  I became initiated as a High Priestess in September 2006.  Family has been my focus in many ways.  I am the proud mother of two beautiful children and married to the most wonderful man.  I am currently the creator and teacher of a spiritual group aimed at bringing families together spiritually.  We call ourselves "Families of Spirit".  Our meetings are held once a month in Southwestern PA.  We come together not to instill spirituality in our children but to nurture its development and expression not only in our children but also in ourselves.  My education is in nutrition and I am certified as a personal trainer.  I am also a Reiki Master and very much interested in natural health care.  I have been on a spiritual quest for many years and am happy to have found a home here at the White Moon!


Rowen Saille rowensaille@gmail.com
High Priestess and Charter Member
Founder of The Order of The Shining Crescent (Brother Order)
Founder of The Wind and Willows Working Branch of The White Moon
I am currently taking both male and female students. I also offer runic divination, handcrafted runes, counseling, and healing. Other information about me: I am an Initiate of Reclaiming Tradition. I have Reiki Level I training. My spiritual work is as a healer and Earth healer. I have training in herbcraft am pursuing a doctorate in Naturopathy. I am a crisis response therapist working in Emergency Rooms and jail settings in the Southeast. I am married but have no children at this time. I am located in Tennessee.


Ahès ahes@live.com
High Priestess
I am Ahès and live in North Texas. I am a stay at home mom and herbalist specializing in herbal teas and bath products. I learned divination and magic from my grandmother and came to the Goddess as a teenager. I practice as a solitary and am quite at home with OWM and Sisters of the Rising Moon. 

Phoenix Ravenflame phoenixravenflame@yahoo.com
I am a ChristoPagan living in Southeast Texas with my husband, dogs, cats, and one very vocal cockatiel. I have worked at a no-kill animal shelter, and support Sheltie Rescue. I have an interest in divination, and have studied the tarot for almost ten years. I make herbal soaps and bathsalts, and rosaries with special prayers and meditations for those who like the rosary but are not comfortable with the Catholic prayers. You can find out more about the things I make at http://phoenix.spiritualitea.net. You can find out more about my beliefs at http://pages.ivillage.com/phoenixravenflame/cauldron

Qu'aryn Teal Moon tealmoon@xamyn.com
High Priestess and Charter Member
Information on my spiritual practice can be found here. I am learning to combine my special interests in aromatherapy, herbs, homeopathy, tarot and magick to make a better place of my immediate world. I hope as a High Priestess to learn to use these talents to make a better place in the larger world. I was raised as a Christian but never really felt comfortable with the religion. I majored in anthropology in college and was able to take several Women's Studies and comparative religion classes where I learned about how women in the world used their particular religions to support them, rather than to condemn them. I have been a practicing solitary witch for about seven years now. I have always had a great affinity for nature and learned a large amount of animal and conservation techniques from my father's family. I love being outdoors and look forward to a time when I will be able to perform all my rituals in nature as I watch the seasons change. I have a special love for faery and they have taken me as a lifelong student. I am a free spirited wife and mother of five who lives on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I combine my spiritual life with my mundane existence in the aerospace and computer industry.

Sherry ~ The Mystical Goddess themysticalgoddess@yahoo.com
I am a Healer, Holistic Professional as well as a Metaphysical Practitioner and Eclectic Witch and student of Sisters of the Rising Moon in Lubbock, TX. I offer in person hands on Reiki or Therapeutic Massage, Spiritual Guidance and Readings full time. I have a Bachelorís Degree in Metaphysical Science and I am an Ordained Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry. As a Mystic and Spiritualist, Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Instructor, a Usui & Sekhem-Seichim Crystal Reiki Master Teacher you can expect solid down to earth useful guidance to help you navigate in todayís world. Whether your issues are about money, career, relationships, Healing or Spiritual topics there is an answer for you! I am Sherry The Mystical Goddess, a happy Channel for Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit! Visit www.sherrythemysticalgoddess.com or www.sherrysbodywork.com. You can also contact me about Art commissions and or writing projects!


Diana Fox
My name is Diana Fox and I am an initiate with the Sisters of the Rising Moon. I follow an eclectic path and think of myself as a bit of a green witch. I am most interested in gemstones, herbs, oils, and healing. I am also interested in color and candle magick. One of my favorite things about this path is the creativity and connectivity with nature. I love to make my own materials such as wands candles, ritual soaps, and witch bottles.
I have a Master's degree in Education. I love to teach and am blessed to be able to make a career working with young children. I have a wonderful husband and incredible son. We also have three kitties who fill our lives with purrs and kisses.

Ka Wahine Ahi wahine@sistersoftherisingmoon.net
High Priestess
My name translates from Hawaiian as Fire Woman. I was born and raised Catholic but felt that something was missing. I did not truly encounter the sacred until I moved to Honolulu and saw the loving relationship between the people and nature. The Hawaiian way of relating to the world resonated with me completely. As foundress of the Sisters of the Rising Moon School, I wish to introduce the Goddess Within to my sisters and to bring a deeper and more intimate understanding of the feminine divine and the potential that we possess. I wish to help sisters to find and embrace Her and the liberation, empowerment and ecstasy that She brings. I especially love and appreciate my mom, my many wonderful friends and my extraordinary White Moon sisters.

My name is Tracie and I currently reside just outside of Richmond, VA where the roads are less traveled and the trees are more than tasteful decoration. I'm a working professional within the Richmond community but have lived in Virginia all my life. Much of my time has been spent in the Williamsburg area, working various jobs. I am fascinated by religion and it's intersection into every aspect of our lives; the pagan path happens to be the one that I most closely identify with, though I'm loathe to label myself as anything other than human. Herbal wisdom, tea, yoga, cooking, literature, and photography are some of my biggest interests. I'm happiest when I'm by the water and try to spend as much time there as possible, whether it's the river or the ocean. I hope to one day be able to teach religion or serve the community in a religious role! I'm open to communication from anyone who shares my home state or interests - we can all learn from one another on this journey called life. Brightest blessings to each person in the Order of The White Moon community!

Vanessa celticmoon2000@yahoo.com
(Trained by GrandmotherMoon.) I have a strong interest in herbs and healing. I have found a very happy home with Sisters of The Burning Branch Order. My path is evolving from Celtic to now, a more earthy, Native American/Hindu path. I live in Northern Virginia.

Mackenna PhoenixLily

I consider myself an Eclectic Pagan and Green Witch, having practiced both in some form for at least five years now. I was raised exposed to several different mainstream religions and encouraged to explore on my own, and eventually found my way to OWM and fell in love with the idea of lessons grounded in Goddess study and worship. Iím interested in gemstones, dream work, energy work, improving my Tarot skills, learning to read runes, and ultimately helping other people in any way I can ‐ motivating me to work towards ordination as a High Priestess. In my mundane life I'm working on a degree in psychology and running a household of my husband and two very snuggly cats, while also finding time for my writing and various art projects.


White Water Dragon music_educ8r@yahoo.com
Although I have done a bit of traveling among the lower 48 states (SW Canada and North Central Mexico to boot), I still call the Emerald City (Seattle) in the Evergreen State (WA) my home. If I had to label myself, I would be likely to say Polytheistic or Neo-Pagan; I do practice Yoga, Tae Kwon Do and participate frequently in Buddhist rituals. My wife, son and I live among the cornfields of Central Illinois…we never know where the road will take us next! With a bit of blessing, I will complete my Ph.D. in Music Education (my dissertation on Deaf Music Education through American Sign Language) with an emphasis in Gender and Women’s Studies. I welcome any questions or curiosities that you may have, and I look forward to meeting you in aethereal space!

Wynona Tyson, Z Woman Wytyson@earthlink.net
A wise woman who came before us, Margaret Mead, talked about the creative force of menopausal women with zest. Today, I say, "The wisdom of zestful older women is one of our greatest, untapped natural resources. It's time to start tapping!" Through PM Zest I am speaking out, creating a Zestful Women's Movement and leading community rituals for claiming, and celebrating, our wisdom. This Movement begins in the hearts of post menopausal women---compelling us to claim our wisdom and use it to create a more loving world---as grandmothers and/or leaders of nations. PM Zest offers a playful card with a "Z" pin attached. Wearing the "Z" pin makes us visible to one another and our communities. Or, anyone can wear the "Z" pin and be an advocate for wiZdom! Rituals. The "Wisdom Celebration" ritual is a playful and profound community event to celebrate a woman entering her wisdom years at age 50+. Join me in actively permeating our society with the wisdom of older women. We're here and it's time! PM Zest - Celebrating Wisdom; PO Box 46066, Seattle, WA 98146


Jade michelleinne@yahoo.com
I live in Riverton Wyoming and am available to mentor and teach (feel free to email me). I have a heavy background in Mormonism, having spent a decade in this organization before leaving. Coming to my current practice has been years in the making. I had wanted to study the Goddess and a earthy path for years, but let fear hold me back. I finally honored these feelings and started reading books, online websites etc...which led me to the White Moon School. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have found my voice, I feel comfortable in my own skin, and I really like myself which in turn spills over into loving and having greater compassion for all creatures. I want to help other women do the same. I am a teacher by training but am currently at-home full time mothering my six young children, some of whom are adopted and have special needs. I am married and am in my 30's. Explaining my spiritual practice is difficult as I draw from various traditions and use what resonates with my spirit....call it the "Country Buffet" approach! *lol* I enjoy the following spiritual practices in my life: meditation, tarot, spellwork, ritual, astral work, healing, prayer, runes, creating family friendly interfaith celebrations, magickal and healing aromatherapy, candle magick, and learning more and more everyday! Simply being and really looking at the Great Mother...cloaked in her beautiful seasonal colors is also a favorite practice. After you read this, take a moment and look in your bathroom mirror....the face you see also is HER.....she is within and around us all. Blessed Be.